A Cows Paradise

Our animals roam during the spring, summer and fall on mostly native prairie grasses that have been undisturbed for thousand of years.

Our Ranch

Located at the base of the Handhills, just east of Drumheller, Alberta, this is where Top Grass Cattle Co was founded.

This is where our animals roam during the spring, summer and fall on mostly native prairie grasses that have been undisturbed for thousand of years. The landscape is one of deep coulees, rolling hills, creeks, big blue skies and grass as far as you can see. This is truly a Cows paradise.

Rich in bio diversity this land hosts many various grasses, forbs, shrubs, birds and other wildlife. Some of the more popular grasses found are Rough Plains Fescue, Needle and Thread Grass, Northern Wheat Grass, and June Grass. It is also home to many Mule Deer, White Tail Deer, Pronghorn Antelope, Coyotes, badgers, gophers and other animals known to the prairies.

In the winter and depending on grass production during the regular growing season, our animals live near Huxley, AB with a family that is dedicated to giving them the utmost care. Highly productive soils abundant in moisture make this an ideal location to produce various forage crops high in nutrient value to finish our animals. These forages are harvested in the summer at their nutritional peak and stored in the form of hay bales, silage, haylage and fed out on pastures in troughs when green grass is not available or the growing season is over.

We use a variety of forages that include kale, forage turnip, forage sorghum, clovers, brassicas, vetch, various cereals and legume crops in the vegetative state. In addition, we will supplement this diet with Malt Sprouts (a by- product of the Malting industry) that are a good source of energy in our cold climate. Barley seeds are sprouted and the seed goes into making beer and the sprouts are separated, dried and then we mix in with our other forages.. This concept is very similar to greens you buy in health food stores. They are not sprayed with any chemicals and just like the greens from the health food store, are very nutritious.

We are continually learning and experimenting with different forages to produce the highest quality grass fed beef possible.

We value this diversity and recognize the contribution of all things to the quality of life.

As we continue to learn more on how to manage our resources and to work in harmony with nature, we hope we to improve on the health and wellness of our animals, our wildlife, our land and mother earth.

We also work closely with Operation Grasslands, Ducks Unlimited and other groups with the intention to preserve and protect various species of wildlife and the land they inhabit. These organizations provide various resources and knowledge in helping us understand those species at risk and what we can do to facilitate in promoting and protecting their well being. Big thanks go to these individuals and groups that care about our land and resources.

Top Grass Cattle Co was fortunate enough to participate in the following film produced by Operation Grassland Community  to share in the importance of our grasslands. It was also our pleasure to share our Top Grass Cattle Co. Ranch for an outdoor dinner hosted by Operation Grassland Community and supported by local producers and the exceptional culinary skills of RGE RD. Various members of Operational Grassland Community, foodies,concerned urban citizens and environment concerned  people, gathered to share great local food and conversation on  understanding the relationship between our food, ecological systems and each other. Thank you OCG !



 If you happen to see some different looking cows on our land don’t be alarmed. We also have a small herd of cattle called Braunvieh*. Their genetically branded feature – a white band around the muzzle, makes Braunvieh cattle very recognizable. This breed originates in Switzerland and are one of the oldest breeds of cattle with bones being found in Archaeology sites of the “ Swiss lake dwellers” dating back 4000 years BC. There are very few cows of this breed in Canada and we are privileged to raise them. They are a very well balanced breed providing great maternal and meat quality traits. These well-tempered cattle are a treat to work with and a great addition to the ranch.

* There has been some research that indicates that this breed of cattle has higher levels of CLA and Alpha Linoleic Acid in their meat and milk than most breeds. You can read more about these health benefits here.