Producers Wanted

It is the objective of Top Grass Cattle Co. to provide a "Great Eating Experience" of tasty, Canadian grass-fed beef sourced from animals raised on free-range pastures, without antibiotics, added hormones, animal by products or grain. We would not be able to do this without the dedication and commitment from our Top Grass Producers to supply the highest quality beef.

Top Grass Producers adhere to a set of standards and protocols that provide our customers with a product they have come to expect and trust. Many of our producers have been ranching for generations, and value the sustainability that grass-fed production contributes to their families, their land, the environment and their lifestyle.

We are proud of our producers and they are proud of the work they do.

Demand for our beef has grown beyond what we can produce on our own.

If you are a producer prepared to do things a little outside of the norm raising your cattle without hormones, antibiotics, animal byproducts or grain, then we would like to talk to you.

To participate you will need to provide:
  • Animals born and raised in Canada (source verified) and owned from birth.
  • Animals that never have had any antibiotics or ionophores.
  • Animals raised without added hormones or synthetic growth stimulants.
  • Animals raised without being fed animal byproducts.
  • Animals raised on pasture forages that are free of synthetic pesticide and herbicides.
  • Animals raised in a humane manner.
  • Animals raised without grain.
  • Animals from British breeds – Black and Red Angus, Shorthorn, Galloway, Speckle Park, White Park, Hereford, Welsh Black, Highland, etc.
  • You will be providing a healthy food choice to your family, friends, neighbors and customers that you can feel good about. (Good for the Consumer)
  • You will be providing animals that have been treated with care and respect. (Animal Welfare)
  • Environmental Sustainability. You will be managing your animals , land and resources in a fashion that is good for the environment.
  • Producer Sustainability – If we take care of our animals, our land, and our environment, we create an opportunity for increased sustainability

For additional information on how you can participate as a Top Grass Beef Producer, please contact us directly.