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Our Ranch

Located at the base of the Handhills, just east of Drumheller, Alberta, this is where Top Grass Cattle Co was founded. Rich in bio diversity this land hosts many various grasses, forbs, shrubs, birds and other wildlife. It truly is a cows paradise.

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We want to go beyond sustainable and regenerate our soils through proper grazing management and forage selection. Using livestock increases the microbiology in the soil improving soil heath. This results in increased production of quality forages. Our land, water systems, wildlife and resources are at the foundation of providing a good home for our cattle, our families and producers. We must look at our practices and the effect they have not just now but for 100 years from now to ensure future generations are cared for.

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cared for

Raised with Care

Just as our customer’s deserve the best, so do our animals. Low stress handling, freedom to express their true nature, a simple clean diet of grass and forages free from chemicals and pesticides along with no antibiotics or added hormones are the basis for proper animal husbandry. Our animals roam some of the most beautiful landscapes in the world filled with abundant grass, fresh air and clean water.

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Alberta grass fed free range beef


Demand for grass fed beef continues to increase, as more people want to know where there food comes from and how it is produced. Demand has gone beyond what we can produce on our own ranch therefore we have partnered with other producers that follow our protocol and meet the requirements of our program.

Our Producers